About Us

EP Engineered Clays Corporation is an affiliate of EP Minerals, LLC, a global industrial minerals leader in diatomaceous earth, perlite and clay.

Every year our customers have told us that they choose us for three reasons:

Our commitment to quality

We strive to produce the highest quality products in the industrial minerals industry at all our plants, every day. Quality is an integral part of how we do things, and it is part of our company culture. It's just how we work, and what we do.

We have an entire team dedicated to quality, working with our Research & Development team, and directly with our plants to constantly test our minerals and products. In our customer satisfaction surveys, our customers rate us as having the highest quality and consistency in products, and we want to keep it that way.

Our high touch customer service

Excellent customer service is something we're extremely passionate about, and we do our best to deliver on that every day around the world. We have fully-staffed customer service centers with additional support available through our global distribution network.

World class technical expertise

Our technical experts are rock stars! We believe in bringing exceptional value to our customers by delivering more than a quality product. We also provide expert global technical service to help:

  • Optimize and improve processes
  • Troubleshoot processes
  • Product recommendations

Site Quality Policy

At EP Engineered Clays Corporation, each of us owns quality. We are committed to providing innovative and sustainable products, services and solutions to meet our customers' requirements and help them be more successful. We are also committed to meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

As a part of the “EP Way", we strive to be proactive and responsive in order to continually improve our customers' experience in a responsible, safe and collaborative manner.

Site Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

We consider the health, safety, and security of people and the protection of the environment to be our most fundamental responsibilities. This is integral to how we conduct our business and operate our facilities; it provides the framework for goals, objectives, and standards that meet or surpass legal requirements, create industry best practices, and develop sustainable solutions. We work with customers, suppliers and distribution partners to ensure our products are handled safely and champion these principles across the business value chain. We proactively engage with stakeholders to report our performance and address their concerns. At EP Engineered Clays Corporation, our commitment to the health, safety, and security of people and the protection of the environment is shared by every employee.

Food and Feed Safety Policy

EP Engineered Clays Corporation in Jackson, Mississippi is a strategic partner with our customers in the feed and food industry. We are committed to providing safe food and feed products that meet customers' expectations in a timely and cost effective manner, and that meet US and EU legal and regulatory requirements.

Managements' goal is to involve every employee in the continuous improvement of our systems by providing the means and processes to encourage full participation in our total quality and safety effort.