Energy Surcharge Policy

Dear Valued Customer:

The price of natural gas is a significant component to our mining process and has a substantial impact on our plant production costs.

To address major fluctuations in natural gas costs, an Energy Surcharge may appear as a separate line on your invoice, depending on the average price of natural gas. Please see our table below.

In the event that the Monthly Average Price of the NYMEX Henry Hub Index exceeds $4.39/DTh, a surcharge of $11.00/metric ton shall apply for each $1.00 tier increase in the average (e.g., average is $4.40-$5.39/DTh, surcharge equals $11.00/metric ton; average is $5.40-$6.39/DTh, surcharge equals $22.00/metric ton). Surcharge will be reflected as a separate line item on invoice.

We may also charge an Emergency Energy Surcharge when pricing is below $4.40/DTh, if necessary and due to outside circumstances beyond our control.

There will be an energy surcharge of $33/metric ton starting May 1, 2022.

Geoff Boucher

Vice President of Global Sales