Energy Surcharge Policy

Dear Valued Customer:

The price of natural gas is a significant component to our mining process and has a substantial impact on our plant production costs.

To address major fluctuations in natural gas costs, an Energy Surcharge may appear as a separate line on your invoice, depending on the average price of natural gas, with a 1-month lag (i.e. September average is used to calculate November surcharge).

In the event that the Monthly Average Price of the NYMEX Henry Hub Index exceeds $4.39/DTh, a surcharge of $11.00/metric ton shall apply for each $1.00 tier increase in the average (e.g., average is $4.40-$5.39/DTh, surcharge equals $11.00/metric ton; average is $5.40-$6.39/DTh, surcharge equals $22.00/metric ton). Surcharge will be reflected as a separate line item on invoice.

We may also charge an Emergency Energy Surcharge when pricing is below $4.40/DTh, if necessary and due to outside circumstances beyond our control.

June 1, 2024 - $0/metric ton

July 1, 2024 - $0/metric ton

Geoff Boucher

Vice President of Global Sales